DataPac: Touch Every Envelope With Software

The Advanced Curve

The Advanced Curve Special Features with the Advanced Curve are:
  • Bulk Mail Discounts
  • CASS & MASS Certification
  • MLOCR Camera for Address Verification
  • Prints IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode)
  • At least 5.8 cent discount on qualified mail

Data-Pac's introduction of The Advanced Curve is leading the mailing industry once again! Utilizing USPS Bulk Mail discounts we have developed a machine that will allow your mailing center to reduce its costs and improve your ability to be profitable. Process enough mail and you can offset your entire lease cost and then some!

See your savings, use our calculator from the link above.

For more details on The Advance Curve, please click on the Advance Curve Details button above, located on the left below the video.

*based on approximate lease cost of $2100/mo. without local service contract **"Profit center" is in reference to discounts that ultimately improve your bottom line

The Advanced Curve qualifies for various USPS discounts turning your mailcenter into a profit center.